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Regional Groups for Charism Carriers

Connect beyond your congregation with other
charism carriers in your region (and beyond)

The following are regional groups that support the charism carrier movement.

Regional groups offer charism carriers networking and leadership opportunities as they grow in their role alongside religious and charism carriers from other congregations located within their geographic area. Many groups host conferences, workshops, or other gatherings to enhance the associate-religious relationship.


These groups are not part of the Leadership Collaborative and organize through their own structures. We want to support their work and help foster the larger network of charism carriers. If you would like more information about the regional group in your area and contact information is not listed below, contact us at

Charism Carrier - Regional Groups

We do not have information for the following groups. If you are connected with one of the groups or you are interested in finding out more about one of these groups, please contact us.

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