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This video series provides a collection of voices illuminating core aspects of religious life as we look at our present reality and what is emerging. There is no charge to access these videos and there is a hope that this series will be used for individual and communal reflection on religious life.

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Foundations of
Religious Life

Annmarie Sanders, IHM

Essential Understandings
of Religious Life

Ernest Miller, FSC

Our Relationship with
Church and Culture

Mumbi Kigutha, CPPS

Addressing CriticalAspects
of Religious Life

Emerging Thought
in Religious Life

Sophia Park, SNJM

A Prophet Living
on the Margin

Maco Cassetta, CND

Living from the Edge

Vicki Wuolle, CSA

Living a Prophetic Life

Religious Life

Deborah Warner, CND

What is Needed for Our Future?

Sarah Kohles, OSF

Lessons from Scripture

Maria Clara Kreis, CDP

Navigating Change

Essential Elements
of Religious Life

Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ

Trinitarian Gift in Religious Life

Anne Arabome, SSS

Prophetic Nature of Contemplative
and Apostolic Witness

Ann Letourneau, CSJ

Psychological Aspects
of Religious Life

Exploring the Vows Today

Section One

Eileen McKenzie, FSPA

Freedom through the Vowed Life

Michelle de Silva, SMSM

The Vow of Poverty:
Availability for Christ's Mission

Marie-Thérèse Gnamazo, SP

The Contemplative Life:
A Life of Active Witness

Exploring the Vows for Today Section Two

Montiel Rosenthal, SC

Vow of Poverty: Creating Freedom to Respond and Placing Our Gifts at God's Disposal

Christi Sanchez, CCVI
Vow of Obedience
in Religious Life

Paul English, CSB

Vow of Celibacy

Exploring the Vows Today

Section Three

Karina Conrad, CDP

The Prophetic Nature of the 
Vow of Obedience

MJ Groark, OFM

The Prophetic Nature of the
Vow of Poverty

Corrina Thomas, FSPA

The Prophetic Nature of the
Vow of Celibacy

and Mission

Daniel Lobsinger, CR
The Charism and Mission of Jesus
Lived through Religious Life

Priscella Torres, OP

The Prophetic Witness
of Living Mission

Jayne Helmlinger, CSJ

A Charism of Religious Life



Miyoung Sung, MM

Seeing and Embracing God's Mission

Joe Hoover, SJ
Animating God in Our World
with Creativity and Joy

Mary Rowell, CSJ

Radical Hospitality as Foundational
to God's Mission

Prophetic Edge
of Community

Melinda Pellerin, SSJ
Radical Hospitality

Tracey Horan, SP

Addressing the Dominant
Culture of Religious Life

Rejane Cytacki, SCL

The Two Hands of God: Love and Mercy

Mission on
the Margins

Chero Chuma, CSJP
Called to the Margins

Kari Pohl, CSJ

Agents of Change

Julie Vieira, IHM

Religious Life on the Margins

Experiencing Formation

Section One

Christin Tomy, OP

What Am I Doing with My

One Wild and Wonderful Life?

Juan Gaspar, OMI

Authentically Living as a 
Witness of God's Mission

Ricca Dimalbot, CCVI
Getting the Most of Your
Experience of Initial Formation

Paul Schloemer, OFM Conv.
Practical Advice for the 
Initial Formation Process

Experiencing Formation

Section Two

Chioma Ahanihu, SLW

The Inquiry Stage of Discernment


Leslie Keener, CDP

Navigating the Transitions
of Religious Life

Lorraine Reaume, OP

I've Entered! Now What?

Romina Sapinoso, SC

What Am I Doing with My

One Wild and Wonderful Life?

This series was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic using Zoom technology. Recordings span the years 2020 - 2022. 

Thank you to Giving Voice for providing a grant for the development of this series. ​


Each presenter provides their thoughts and their comments do not represent any Congregation or organization, including the Leadership Collaborative.

Videos are available only in English at this time.


The use of this video series is for the purpose of ongoing formation within religious life and for those discerning.


This is a free offering and is to be used for individual and group gatherings as part of a reflection process. For any other type of use, please contact Linda Buck, CSJ.

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