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Collaborative Leadership Development Program

360 Circle

The Collaborative Leadership Development Program (CLDP) emphasizes becoming transformational leaders, fostered by gospel values as witnessed through the life of Jesus.


As leaders from wherever we stand, we are called to share this divine spark, leading in a way that leans toward non-hierarchal arrangement of relationships and exploring the wisdom of the whole. The goal is to allow the emergent to unfold and impact both individuals and organizational/social systems.


This 14-month online program empowers women religious and charism carriers (e.g., associates, co-members) to strengthen and expand their capacity to become transformational leaders. Each person is supported to be a leader in informal and formal roles, harnessing existing leadership abilities and developing an increased capacity to navigate the uncertainties and change experienced in ministry, community, society, and church.​

Do you desire to: 

  • Join with others to explore how to navigate the rapid changing realities of religious life, church, and society?

  • Use the Leadership Circle Profile (360 assessment tool) to become familiar with your leadership effectiveness and grow in your leadeship capacity?

  • Increase consciousness about how you are a leader wherever you stand – in both informal and formal ways?

  • Grow as a systems thinker to understand organizational change?

  • Be a catalyst for transformation in your community, ministry, church, and the world?

Transformational leadership to transform the world

Key components of the program include:

Click here to view a graphic and explanation of core program components.

  • The program has a contemplative and holistic dimension to allow participants to reflect, integrate, and practice what they are learning, emphasizing emotional and spiritual intelligence.

  • The program is framed in a global context that demonstrates the need for transformation in the world, in church, and in community. Leadership is viewed from multiple perspectives to gather the wisdom of different cultures and create a global understanding of leadership.

  • The program is grounded in Catholic-Christian theology and spirituality to enhance each participant’s understanding of their call as leader, and the collective call toward transformation of self, community, and systems.

  • Leadership is envisioned as transformational rather than transactional.This vision is grounded in gospel values as witnessed through the life of Jesus.

  • The use of the word leadership includes leadership roles in community, in ministry, and/or in life. Each person is supported to learn how to lead from the middle (undefined leadership roles) and take risks for personal growth as transformational leaders.

  • Encouraging participation and inclusion, each participant will have the opportunity to enhance and deepen their abilities and skills in areas such as communication, collaboration, conflict resolution.

  • Each participant will take The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), a 360-feedback assessment, followed by individual coaching sessions with a certified LCP coach.

  • Each participant will journey with a mentor. This mentor will accompany the participant and encourage their growth, offer insights, and share their experiences and expertise in the area of leadership.

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