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The LC is selected as a NACAR Legacy Partner

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

NACAR, the North American Conference of Associates and Religious, has come to a well-discerned decision to move toward legacy partnerships and dissolve as an organization. Their careful process allowed them time to be in dialogue with like-minded groups who can carry forward support for the charism carrier (e.g., associates, co-members, affiliates) movement. The LC was chosen as a legacy partner, and we are thrilled to support needs of charism carriers as it relates to leadership formation and support. We are looking forward to understanding the needs of charism carriers and provide a network to enhance their relationships.

From its beginning, the Leadership Collaborative has created a community for women religious and charism carriers, and this continues years later, especially as we see a need to nurture the relationships among and between vowed religious and charism carriers.

We acknowledge that there are differences in the vocational call of charism carriers and vowed religious, and we also know there is amazing fruit that can continue to grow as these groups incarnate gospel values for the world.

Some initiatives over the next few months will provide space for the necessary dialogue among each group. These conversations allow us to listen, learn, and lead together. We also acknowledge that the relationship between charism carriers and women religious can be complex at times – we’ve experienced it ourselves within programs offered by the Leadership Collaborative.

Our greatest desire is to foster a future that is woven together, each person leading within their distinct role and charism, embracing the many unknowns of our future world as unified and distinct.

Join with us to form this future together, informed by our unique voices and desire to live God’s vision to continue transforming our beautiful, yet wounded world.


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