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May 2024 Edition of Charism Carrier Connections Now Available

Be sure to explore what is happening at the Leadership Collaborative and register for upcoming programs. Click here:

Elia Cardenas, Associate Director of the LC, provides a thoughtful reflection on a vocation of service and love. Highlighting the theme for this month's virtual gathering around charism, Elia provides stories about her connection with the Dominican tradition.

Excerpt from newsletter:

One of the symbols of our congregation is the corn. On the first night as a congregation, the three young tertiary women joined Sr. Leonor to begin their religious life in a tiny house that she had built near a church. They only have a cookie made out of corn with coffee for dinner since the best was distributed to needy families.

This is a perfect opportunity to join Mighty Networks and connect with other charism carriers. This link will take you directly to the site, and if you are not part of the network already, you will be prompted to register.

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