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Friendships Creating Our Future

Katty Huanuco, CCVI

Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word – San Antonio

How might our friendships and relationships lead us to build our Futures - together as Inter-congregational and Inter-national women religious?


Friends are important in life. Friends provide us essential support in both spiritual and emotional dimensions. Friendship serves as a safe space where we can openly discuss various aspects of our lives, seeking guidance and discernment. Our friends stand by us during moments of joy, sorrow, and uncertainty, fostering our growth in accountability and communion. They offer valuable feedback and encouragement, cultivating mutual respect in every encounter. Participating in the Collaborative Leadership event allowed me to reconnect with many sisters-friends I have known for years, as well as those I have recently met through the mission here in St. Louis, Missouri. This event provided a platform for us to exchange our generational perspectives and discuss our approaches to life, community and ministry. I joined the Hope-Esperanza event in an online format; it was amazing to see so many women of faith come together.


Friendships and relationships, whether within religious life or broader social circles, are non-negotiable aspects in shaping both the present and future of religious life. Within these connections, we share experiences, discernment journeys, and aspirations for the present and the future. Friendships serve as catalysts for mutual support and collaboration, transcending congregational and international boundaries. They have led to the formation of inter-congregational networks, through which we exchange ideas and resources, fostering a sense of solidarity and shared purpose that extends beyond the borders of our individual congregations.


We are on a collective journey as global sisters in religious life. I greatly appreciate events like Hope-Esperanza and am deeply grateful to all those who work tirelessly to expand these opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue. These initiatives broaden our perspectives and deepen our understanding of the global issues confronting religious communities and our world. During such events, we find time to discuss common challenges such as how to better invite the today's youth to this religious life that we love so much? How to better share our community life that is multicultural and intergenerational? What more we could do together for social justice to become a reality for all? while also celebrating our diversity, the diverse traditions and charisms present within our Church.


Friendships and relationships not only enrich our vision for the future, but also nurture our present reality. We are transcending institutional boundaries and embracing diverse experiences and perspectives within the global sisterhood. We are strengthening not only our individual vocations but also contributing to the enrichment of the wider Church community. Today, we embody the spirit of communion and solidarity. ¡Gracias, por la esperanza que se me ha compartido!




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