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Reminders of Hope

Glimpses of hope create a pathway for our future.

By Linda Buck, CSJ

Think about the last time you saw a rainbow? What did it evoke in you? A rainbow symbolizes many things. Historically, it has symbolized a connection between heaven and earth, which seems appropriate as we continue in our Easter journey. It is also a sign of inclusivity and diversity, new beginnings, and hope.


The thing about rainbows is that they are usually fleeting – we capture a glimpse and then it is gone.

Occasionally, it has more permanency, holding itself high in the sky for a time before disappearing. This is like hope. I know I see glimpses of hope for what the future will be like. Like a rainbow, they are often fleeting. Yet, every so often, the glimmer of hope seems to take on more permanency. I think it is a series of glimpses that begin to form to create a more stable glimmer of the pathway being constructed.


In the past few years, I was involved in a building project. There was so much excavation and foundational work that was needed. It was not the exciting part of the project and it seemed to take forever. Yet, it was necessary and critical. Without this work, there would be no solid foundation for the building to be stable. Then, the time came to put up the framework. This was exciting – we could see what it was going to become. Yet, there were adjustments to make and adaptation. It seemed like we were on our way and approaching the finish line quickly. Then came the finishing phase and we started to move at a slow pace again. There was so much detail to consider and the fine tuning of tile, flooring, and paint.


I see the structures of religious life being like this building project. We have and continue to excavate and build a new foundation. At the same time, we are building a frame to hold our reality. These are the glimpses we hold onto, albeit lightly. We need to adjust, experiment, and adapt as we do this work. Yet, it is hope-filled as we see a new reality unfolding and the Spirit as the skilled and creative builder. We are not at the finishing phases, or even close to it. If I can be so bold as to share my intuition about this, I don’t think this finishing phase will happen for another 5 – 10 years. There is more foundational work to do and a need to let go of the existing framework.


Rainbows off us a reminder of new beginnings and hope. I invite you to think about the invitation it offers as we capture glimpses of hope as we create a pathway for our future.


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