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Celebrating and Reflecting on GHR's Sister Support Initiative

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

by Vicki Wuolle, CSA

GHR Foundation invited those who have partnered with the GHR Sister Support Initiative (SSI) to a Zoom call September 14, 2023. The content of the day was a walkthrough of the evaluation of the SSI evaluation as well as three presentations from organizations who have been direct recipients of GHR’s support. The areas highlighted in the evaluation were Leadership, Membership, Resource Development, and New Forms. Leadership Collaborative was represented by Linda Buck, CSJ, Co-Executive Director who posed the question: How do we prioritize and give energy to the newness?

In her response Linda invited listeners to the need for all of us to nurture this “time of holding space for courageous conversations and to nurture the network of relationships that are cross-congregational, trans-charism, intercultural, intergenerational, and global.” She highlighted the focus of the Leadership Collaborative as a response to the needs of these times with the vision of leading through the challenges and visions that invite us to become more integrally connected to our call as women religious. She shared her gratitude for the Leadership Collaborative as an initiative that has been generously sponsored by GHR Foundation, the Sisters of Mercy or the Americas, and the Conrad Hilton Foundation as a container that holds much for those of us who share in the fruits of these collaborations. The opportunity to be present for this conversation provided me much to consider as we discern together what it means to be a leader in Religious Life today.

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