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A gathering for any sister under 65 years
who would like to explore our current and future realities. 

How are we risking hope as we create bridges into our future?

As we look at our current and emerging realities, it is vital for those of us who will be living this future to have conversations about how we want to create and live now and move into the future.

January 25 - 28, 2024

Opening session begins on Thursday at 6:00 pm and
closing session on Sunday ends at 12:00 pm (time in Chicago)

In-Person: Sheraton Suites (near O'Hare Airport, Chicago)

Virtual: from anywhere...

Note: We are expecting sisters from all over the world. We will create processes based on time zones, knowing it will be difficult for some locations to join during the live event. 

Registration Fee

In-person: $250 US

meals included; hotel separate fee

Virtual: $175 US

Simultaneously translated in

We want to ensure everyone can attend, so offering this in a hybrid format (in-person and virtual) as well as offering scholarships for registration and/or travel.


If a language other than English or Spanish is needed, for scholarship assistance,
and any questions, please contact:

Elia Cardenas

This program is offered through generous funding from Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and GHR Foundation. 

Hope never disappoints, hope goes not alone, but together.

                                                                        Pope Francis

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