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Insights into Leadership and Collaboration

A Conversation with Joyce Njeri Mbataru, CCVI

Interviewed and written by Natalia Ramirez

In today's interconnected world, adaptive leadership and collaboration are pivotal for congregations and organizations to thrive. Recently, there was an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Sr. Joyce, a member of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word of Houston, to delve into her experiences with leadership and her involvement with the Leadership Collaborative (LC).


Sr. Joyce, hailing from Kenya, graciously shared her journey of joining the congregation and her subsequent relocation to the United States, where she now serves in a leadership capacity. With a background in finance, Joyce brings a unique perspective to her leadership role, particularly in contributing her financial expertise to her congregation and the LC.


Reflecting on her involvement with the LC, Joyce expressed gratitude for the enriching experiences it has offered her. Introduced to the LC in 2017 through the Collaborative Leadership Development Program (CLDP), Joyce found herself drawn to its collaborative ethos. Later joining the LC’s board in 2022, she remains an active participant in shaping initiatives that benefit religious life at large.


When probed about her vision of leadership in today's religious landscape, Joyce highlighted the significance of self-leadership and ongoing personal development. She underscored the importance of programs like CLDP in nurturing leaders who are not only equipped with skills but also grounded in self-awareness and reflection.


In discussing the role of the LC in fostering leadership, Joyce emphasized its role as a conduit for connecting religious leaders globally. Through the LC, opportunities arise to engage with a diverse network of sisters, fostering mutual learning and collaboration across geographical boundaries.


In conclusion, Sr. Joyce's passion for leadership and collaboration serves as a beacon of inspiration for all.

Her journey underscores the transformative power of inclusive leadership and the importance of fostering connections within the global sisterhood.


As we navigate the complexities of contemporary leadership, let us draw inspiration from Sr. Joyce's experiences and embrace opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth within our organizations and beyond.


Stay tuned for more conversations on leadership, collaboration, and the evolving landscape of organizational dynamics as exploration continues into the transformative potential of collective leadership.


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