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Navigating change and transition? It may seem like a trapeze act.

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Join us November 2-5, 2022 (Baltimore, MD) for a program to explore change and transition, and deepen your Leadership Circle Profile.

We are in an "era of change" (Pope Francis) and we are seeing it in every element of life - our ministries, communities and church.

Change is part of life, but it often feels like a trapeze act. We need to let go to leap forward, and in the middle is that uncomfortable feeling of flying untethered into an unknown future. It takes strength to let go of what was, and courage to trust the timing. We are at an important time of transition, both in religious life and in our personal lives. In this program we will honor our past, learn techniques to navigate the transition, and move toward a new beginning as we build our legacy.

Come with others and facilitator Nancy Fisher to explore the 3 stages of transition, discover techniques for leading through change, celebrate and honor what is ending and beginning, and maximize your leadership strengths with a deep dive into your Leadership Circle Profile.


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