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Lenten Reflection

Hope in Suffering: The Spirituality of Life and Loss

Triune love waits to be discovered in our hearts. We hope that with these reflections, we can awaken to God’s desire for our lives and be propelled outward. The booklet Hope in Suffering provides an outline that will allow us to reflect for seven weeks, creating space to ponder on the suffering and loss of our past and current reality that moves our lives into what is emerging and prophetically embracing the Paschal Mystery into our lives.


Download all the reflections in a single pdf file  (English: click here)  (Spanish: click here)

Download the booklet, Hope in Suffering   (English: click here)  (Spanish: click here)


All materials are for personal and communal use.

Week One      Creating a tapestry of life, loss, and hope.

Week Two       God’s desire for wholeness.

Week Three    Embrace rather than resist.

Week Four      Journey of life and loss.

Week Five       Moving forward to integration.

Week Six         Entering the mystery.

Week Seven    Embracing hope.

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