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Re-envisioning our systems - Leaning into the emergent

Leading for Change

We hear a lot about being an era of change. There are systems and institutions that no longer work, are holding on and reactive to changing. Then there is an unknown emergence - perhaps other systems and attitudes - illusive yet we see their glimmer. This is the tension we live in and we need to be leaders that understand and can hold this tension until what is to come is birthed.

Do you desire to: 

  • explore this tension and understand how the systems we live in are changing or need to change?

  • understand how we are re-envisioning religious life (not that we have the answers!) and how being a transformative leader during this time is critical?

  • be a part of this conversation with your peers and companions?

  • influence the narrative of what is emerging?

We provide periodic programs that explore what is happening in religious life, always through the lens of transformational leadership. How are you, through your leadership capacity and joining with other leaders, a catalyst for change? 

Upcoming Programs

Leading Now

Courageous conversations for women religious under 65

Join with others who want to explore, dialogue, and create a network of relationships to foster our response to this reality.


October 18, 2022


6:45 - 8:15 PM (Chicago, US)

NACAR Listening Sessions

Join other charism carriers and learn more about NACAR's legacy partners, as they listen to your hopes, needs, and questions.



Multiple Sessions in October

Authors as Thought Leaders

Ongoing book discussion using books and materials created by the Leadership Collaborative community.


Check back soon for updates

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