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Rita Waters, RSM

Administrative Assistant

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Sister Rita has been with the Leadership Collaborative since 2013. As the administrative assistant, she handles many of the behind-the-scenes details that help to make the program function smoothly. She thoroughly enjoys meeting and talking with each new participant in the program as well as their mentors.

Rita is a Sister of Mercy from Cedar Rapids Iowa who works out of the Silver Spring Maryland office.  She holds a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University in Chicago, and has a private practice in Rubenfeld Synergy, in EFT (tapping), and reflexology.  She has given spiritual and self-growth retreats and workshops in 12 states.

She delights in dancing, playing racquetball, traveling to new places, working jigsaw puzzles, watercolor and oil painting, and tent camping around the fire and under the stars.

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