The Leadership Collaborative was birthed to harness the energy of the amazing leadership capacity of women Religious and Associates.

In 2011, several leadership formation programs were underway, and on February 14, 2012, a gathering took place among women Religious  (13 Congregations, the Religious Formation Conference, and Leadership Conference of Women Religious) to dream and envision what is now the Leadership Collaborative. 

Today, we continue to create programs that capture our hearts and minds, create space for the conversations needed, and gaze over the horizon to look at what is emerging in religious life today.

Our community is strong, with over 700 leaders (of all kinds) who are part of the Leadership Collaborative. We are blessed to companion these Religious and Charism Carriers (Associates, Affiliates, etc.), expanding our personal development as a leader, increasing our consciousness of current and emerging systems, and offering space to explore together.

A catalyst for listening, learning and leading.

Our Mission

The Leadership Collaborative is a working group of women's religious congregations and organizations committed to developing the capacity for transformational leadership among women religious and their associates now and into the future.


Support Our Mission of Transformative Leadership and Being Change Makers to Foster Our Emergent Systems